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    Uber and Hinomaru Kotsu Co., Ltd., have entered into a business partnership for taxi hiring services. Hinomaru Kotsu taxis (including those of our group companies) are available in Tokyo via the Uber app.
Services Offered
Hinomaru Kotsu offers a variety of services to meet the needs of customers, including our “Flat-Fare Airport Taxi” for flat-fare trips to the airport and “Child-Friendly Taxi” that is safe and reliable for pregnant women and those traveling with small children.


- capacity
Four passengers (or two wheelchair users)
- Estimated Allowable Load
Golf bags: Up to two / Suitcases: Up to two
Seating plan
- capacity
- Estimated Allowable Load
Golf bags: Up to two / Suitcases: Up to two
Seating plan
- capacity
- Estimated Allowable Load
Golf bags: Up to three / Suitcases: Up to four
Seating plan
- capacity
- Estimated Allowable Load
Golf bags: Up to four / Suitcases: Up to four
Seating plan


Book Online In Advance From 3 hours to 2 weeks in advance
500yen + 400yen + 500yen
Call A Taxi By Phone Immediate Hire
400yen + 500yen

Rate of fare

Metered rate of fare(Upon entry)
500 yen (Up to 1.096km)
Metered rate of fare(Distance unit fare)
100 yen every 255 meters
Time unit fare
100 yen every 1 minute and 35 seconds when driving under 10 km/h
Late night surcharge
Xtra 20% between 22:00 and 5:00
Pick-up fee
400 yen
Wagon fee
Wagon Taxi (Seats 6):2,000 yen / Wagon Taxi (Seats 9):3,000 yen
※Charged only when wagon taxi is requested.
Reservation fee
500 yen per reservation
※Waived if wagon taxi is requested.
Disability discount
10% off
Long distance discount
10% off for taxi fare exceeding 9,000 yen

AREA Range of service

Tokyo 23 wards + Musashino City + Mitaka City Our service is available in Tokyo's 23-wards, Mitaka, and Musashino;
either your pick-up location or destination must be within this area.


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Hinomaru Taxi Tickets

Payment is unnecessary when you use Hinomaru Taxi Tickets.
You must be a registered member to use these tickets.
For more information, see the Business Ticket Members Page.
  • Wheelchair Access

    Wheelchair users may enter the taxi from the left rear door using the ramp. In addition, a band (latch) is always available in the trunk of taxi models such as the sedan and Prius. Wheelchairs with handles that cannot be folded up can also be loaded. Please feel free to approach the driver for assistance.
  • Riding With Guide Dogs

    Passengers may ride the taxi with their hearing dog, service dog, or guide dog. Please feel free to ride with your guide dog when traveling to your destination from home or returning home from elsewhere, as in a regular taxi. To ensure a safe ride, please be seated in the back of the taxi with your guide dog by your feet.