Safety Activity

Hinomaru kotsu Co., Ltd., Hinomaru kotsu TokyoBay Co., Ltd., Hinomaru kotsu Sarue Co., Ltd., Hinomaru kotsu Adachi Co., Ltd. (Hinomaru kotsu group as follows) We share the following contents as a common action and carry it out.

Basic Policy
'The security is a base of the management, and we pursue it thoroughly'.
we assume it a basic idea of the management. The representative establishes 'Safety First, the business second' as a basic policy and carries out that securing of security of the transportation is the most important thoroughly for an employee.
Strategic Policy
1.Safety Education, reinforcement of the instruction
・Breeding of voluntary safe activity by the small group activity (group) of the all the members participation.
・Implementation of specific training programs
・Effective use of the system according to the section
・Enforcement of the safety management worker training

2.Introduction of the latest facilities about security

・Replaced the drive recorder
・Introduction of the new roll call support system

3.Introduction of the internal audit system
Annual Aim
In the group which subdivided in key measure (1), all the groups (167 groups) set it with the goal of accident zero.
The achievement situation
Achieved -50 reduction in the ratio in the last year.
Among accidents, we plan to narrow it down to an accident resulting in injury or death, and to achieve the destruction of the accident resulting in injury or death with each office.
In addition, carry it out until we can achieve the plan with each office and check it and evaluate it and are improved.
※The reason that we narrowed down to an accident resulting in injury or death: The accident that we want to avoid judging from the glance of the crew most is an accident resulting in injury or death.
Implementation of the following education and the training through group work.

1.Study Meeting
・Share the information for accident prevention to help accident reduction.
・Planning steps to achieve group goals and execute

2.Irukara project group work contest
・Perform the competition with the group and pursue safety

3.The training (section manager, Mayor of group, new face, two years next, advanced age, creation crew) according to the hierarchy.
Statistics About The Accident
Look at the statistics page of the accident about the statistics about the accident to prescribe in automobile accident report rule Article 2.
Directive chain of command and organizational structure
Look at the organization chart page about instructions chain of command and organizational structure.
The report communication system about an accident, the disaster.
Look at an organizational chart page about the report communication system about an accident, the disaster.
Internal audit result.Measures contents
Implementation once each department year, we thoroughly "continuous improvement and review" based on the results.

Accident Statistics

Statistics of the accident to prescribe in automobile accident report rule Article 2.
The number of accident according to the accident type of (H26/3/14-H27/3/13) is as follows in the H26 year

  • It collided or a car overturned and fell, and a fire (including the fire of the load) was caused or came in contact with a railroad carriage in a railroad crossing.0
  • Arise casualties or a severely wounded person (it is said in the people who had damage to advocate it to the car compensation for damages method enforcement order Article 5 second or the third)2
  • Arise to the Automobile Liability Security Law enforcement order Article 5 fourth to a traveler by the inappropriate operation of the operation device which opened and closed the door of a flight control or the getting on and off spout produced it.0
  • By the illness of the vehicle driver, it is not able to continue the driving of the car business.0
  • Steering system, control device, car frame, axles, wheels(expect for tires) or what a car or can no longer be operated by omission or failure of the chassis spring.0
  • In addition to the matters listed in each item before, which was instructed to report in recognition of Minister of Land is particularly necessary in order to promote the prevention of the occurrence of a car accident.0

Organization Chart